SMFK blog

SMFK was founded in 2016 by Yi (Sam) Ren, Yuchen (Frank) Liu in Beijing, with the brand name consisting of the first and last letters of SaM and FranK's names. Now the young SMFK is a pure "local hipster"m brand in China. SMFK's design concept takes the route to sports fashion. The style is sporty, simple and modern, original and handmade. Advocate unisex style, focus on comfort, and sense of experience. “Not Discount Forever” is SMFK's brand value and this is their eternal commitment to users: never discount. Imagine one thing plus eternal weight, which is included in every product.
SMFK released a new season of 23SS "Wild World" in March. This season will show the SMFK world view of "rough, real, raw", which consists of 90's retro college style, SMFK contemporary sports style, and a small amount of more visually appealing wild nature style. Many of the thematic elements will be more directly applied to the decoration of clothing design.

Retro College Style


  • The combination of monochrome knit, decorated with a striped edge, is a simple and practical set.
    The classic pleated skirt and lapel cardigan are the hallmarks of the vintage college,
    with a variety of blends of wool/cotton/cashmere yarns for a flattering fit.

Sports Style


  • Sports style has always been the mainline series of SMFK.
    In 2023, a colorful sports series with S initial monogram was launched,
    adding the font design style of 90s cars, theaters, and other billboards, and the materials were mostly old polished, and washed.

Wild Nature Style


  • The explosion of electronic information technology during the 2000s
    allowed the world to be fully connected for the first time,
    allowing a mix of elements and various styles of clothing to come together on stage.
    Breaking the shackles of traditional rules of dressing,
    mashups allowed people to give a new understanding of clothing.
    Classics are more about commemorating times and groups,
    but fads and mashups highlight and amplify individuals more.
    The marvelous millennial mixed style will also travel through time and space to present to you today.