The brand name of Ain't Shy means "be brave to be yourself, refuse to be shy". The designer hopes to show the femininity of saying no to gragaious people and boldly showing their own style.


Ain't Shy's design sense comes from life, surpassing today's ever-changing trends, breaking the rules, celebrating and embracing everyone's unique personality. Gender-free products and deliberately vague gender connections bring us casual and fashionable Premium Everyday Kit



  • Design a bolder school uniform style suit series, which can be used in many occasions

Perle Suit


  • Summer dopamine is coming, in addition to Ain't Shy's customary black, new products include pink and blue, more bright colors are more shining in summer


  • Prepare well for the coming autumn, whether it is paired with jeans, trousers, or "missing bottoms", this sweater is the best choice