Untitlab is one of the freshest and most unique fashion brands in China. The brand name is composed of "untitled" and "laboratory", aiming to evoke people's experimental spirit. Untitlab's brand product positioning is: shoe design suitable for formal wear and sportswear.


Untitlab is a standout, with black lacquer, bright accents, puffy tongues, and oversized military soles, sort of like a cross between an oxford, a sneaker, and a combat boot. Jumping from urban adventures to lavish patio cocktail parties is no problem at all: the shoe sits somewhere between elegance and ruggedness, or more precisely, a signature of personality that belongs to a higher fashion realm, while categories like "dress", "sports" don't apply at all. You can see that. , those who wear untitlab shoes must not follow the crowd.

Untitlab 23SS integrates rich color elements, environmentally friendly fabrics, newly designed shoe shapes, and breaks through the inherent impression from multiple angles. It is upgraded in multiple dimensions and presents a cross-scenario design. Through material innovation, extreme silhouette design and unique visual aesthetic concept, break boundaries and constraints, and propose new possibilities in the current fashion context and existing consumption choices


    • sock boots on clouds
    • The BDG high-heeled boots, which are newly interpreted with knitted elastic fabric, take into account softness, lightness and styling texture, breaking the binary opposition between sports and high-rise styling.


    • Quilted "soft rock"
      Metal Matte Glossy Gray
      Versatile nameplate metal head, feel the layers and lines

Untitled #11 Reel Derbies


    • The head and heel of the shoe are designed with a square toe, and the integrated outsole makes the shoe more durable and comfortable