Vann Valrence was founded by Vann, a designer who graduated from Donghua University. After graduation, Vann has worked in different positions in the fashion industry for decades, including fabric yarn research and development, garment designer, order buyer, product planning and visual display, etc.


Deeply influenced by the culture of street brands, looking back at the design and positioning of domestic fashion brands, and realizing that young men and women in China are blind to trends and lack of clothing culture, Vann decided to leave his job to create a high street fashion brand to fill the gap of domestic light luxury fashion brands. At the same time, wanting to change the cognition and attitude of the domestic young generation towards trends is an important reason for the establishment of the brand. It is also the origin of the first brand concept "Refusal to vassalize"

Vann Valrence expects contemporary young people to maintain their true self in balance and find their true self in trendy posture. The design inspiration comes from the combination of the designer's prediction of the trend and the understanding of street culture, and integrates structural design, deconstruction design and other inspiration elements into the design of the season , while maintaining the brand DNA, create an avant-garde and wearable design, taking "Not much, just right" as the brand's design concept.