If you are an influencer or have your own source of traffic, we welcome you to join our Affiliate Program



1. You may tag @madainchina on Instagram or include our website on other platform( such as Youtube Channel, XiongHongshu etc). If we like your post, we will repost your post and you will receive a Store Credit from ¥300 to ¥1000 RMB. If your post is not reposted by us, you will still get a ¥150 Gift Card for your next purchase.

1. If you are running a individual platform(such as Website, Wechat Officials), you will receive a discount code from us. Your users will receive a 10% off discount code. For each discount used, you will receive 10% commision on each order placed with your discount code.


If you are an influencer on Instagram, we recommand option 1.

If you are running a individual platform on Youtube Channel, XiaoHongShu, Wechat Official or other Channels, we recommand option 2.

Please Contact Our Wechat or Email for more info.