arte pura

ARTE PURA is a Montreal (Canada) based designer brand founded in March 2021 by several girls with the same romantic aesthetic, from China and Canada.
The meaning of the brand name is pure art, inspired by life's little moments, the city's theatres, art galleries and concert halls. The belief in love and beauty is the brand's core gene, and the brand was founded with the hope of cherishing a glimpse into the delicate emotions and perceptions of each girl's heart, creating a vibrant and dreamy, romantic, and open artistic heritage in Montreal.
The designer makes good use of girly elements such as bows, floral ribbons, crystals, and pearls to present a fresh and natural visual impact; highlighting the girly temperament, black and white gray as the main color, mixed with the use of modern casual style, fabric with a combination of hard fabric and soft gauze fabric design techniques, like Marguerite's paintings, unreal reality, constructing unique girl utopian aesthetics.

This Season's Recommendations


  • The dreamy link-up with Disney's Princess Belle, a princess has never been synonymous. Every girl can be a princess, beautiful and brave and kind


  • Inspired by elegant and dynamic ballet dancers, the ballet bodysuit is integrated into daily wear. There is a delicate and playful feeling, just like the spirit of the fairy
The upper body is a very outstanding green skirt. It reveals a sense of high quality in a low profile, showing the long and slender beauty of the swan neck. Let you have a feeling of soft pale.