CEEC LA, a new trendy fashion brand originated in the United States, is not satisfied with providing consumers with pure street pop culture clothing, but tries to combine the abstract concept of everything in the world with the concept of beautiful music, in order to explore the diversity and possibilities of clothing. rocky song "Paise The Lord" lyrics Create Explore Expand Conquer"
CEEC is good at expressing the impact of clashing colors of multiple materials without losing the fashionable flavor of unique tailoring, adding a flamboyant and chic attribute to the overall design. In CEEC's brand philosophy, they believe that clothing is a carrier of multi-dimensional expression of free will, branding the personality of young people, who still insist on themselves in the alternation between delusion and reality, and maverick.
This season, CEEC will stay in the 80's and 90's when rock and roll were at its peak, focusing on exploring the application of grunge style in hip-hop street style, colliding, fusing and then interpreting CEEC's existing street trend culture DNA. It's like listening to a retro rock song in a garage full of sticky gasoline mixed with dirt in a damp and gloomy Seattle.
The cut is bold and ignores the curves of the body, the shape is loose but not dragging, the pursuit of comfort and sexiness but avoids the grunge style easily having a sense of puffiness; old colors and texture as if covered with dust and haze, against the rock pattern and hardware rivets that bring the impression of sharp attitude; layers and layers of mix and match, clothing details are many and fragmented but not complicated and redundant. A retro and lazy image of Grunge unrestrained youth leaps to the fore.

Psychedelic Castle T-shirt

Dadaism Rock College T-shirt

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