elywood blog

Elywood is a new word combined with "Elysian" and "Wood", which means a mysterious land left behind on earth, like Alice entering a forest wonderland by mistake. Elywood was founded in 2017, and its ready-to-wear designs are in black and white, complemented by soft and comfortable silhouettes that showcase the brand's romantic ideal of pursuing a legacy of independence. Elywood believes that the black and white color scheme is not a lonely self-imposed closure, but a romantic simplicity and purity. The designs are all inspired by deep thinking about events, extracting ideas from a dialectical point of view, and using needle and thread as a pen to write the designs as a love letter.

Top Choices For This Month

The white top is as pure as a white rose, and the uncomplicated patchwork design is loved by everyone. It can be paired with Elywood's White Lace Deconstructed Skirt


The black wrap is decorated with cascading ruffles to show the ingenuity of the design, the bow decoration is delicate and girlish, and the shape design perfectly shows the body. Recommended to wear a Black Interlaced Cutting Skirt.
Cream white patchwork bralette, three-dimensional cut pleated waist design, lowering the waistline perfectly trimmed, suitable for a variety of combinations.
  1. The gentleness of silk overlaps with the tulle of lace, and the deconstruction and connection between the pieces. Under the dark grain texture, the struggle of oneself and the ambiguity of a gentleman's fiction is wrapped. Elywood's simple yet stylish white sarees can be paired with any top.
The black lace patchwork top uses soft mesh, lace, and cotton fabrics to overlap, creating a cool and dark temperament.