MACA KAKA is a new generation brand focused on structuraism founded in Shanghai, which takes "slow fashion" lifestyle as the main concept. The brand used deconstructivist aesthetics to convey fashion, high-end, simple and capable styles to consumers, which good at the talloring of basic shapes and the reshaping of silhouettes. Exquisite talloring and architectural silhouette lines to make fashion is not only about sense of design but also back to reality, creating a "relaxed" fashion attitude.
Maca Kaka uses the design language to convey the attitude of Purity, Beauty and Comfort, to interpret the image of every female self. Sexy, soft and powerful, it shows a soft and true side in casual dating. Maca Kaka does not define women, does not do Directive mood or style description. Help women find their own style. Be truly Effortless and find their most comfortable state.

Strappy drape dress


    • Maca Kaka drape suspender dress. Comfortable, simple, high-end, loose, brings you different outfitsurprises.


  • Choosing a comfortable wool texture top and pleated skirt can bring ballet aesthetics into our dailylive.

One piece jumpsuit


  • Maca Kaka black jumpsuit, a high-end fashion daily wear. The one-piece design is high, and the loose straight leg design modifies the leg line, even without any accessories.