MARRKNULL is an independent fashion brand co-founded by Wei Wang and Tian Shi in 2016. As a pioneer brand exploring Chinese county culture, MARRKUNLL tries to integrate the past and present of the Chinese cultural context and reflect on the normality of contemporary life. It was rated by the British media DAZED as "Made in China will be redefined as a brand that shakes Chinese fashion." The brand has been released many times in London, New York, Paris and other fashion weeks. Entering the official schedule of London Fashion Week in 2019, it has aroused global media attention and discussions with strong themes and fun
The MARRKUNLL 23S series combines life-like elements with sacred sculptures to "de-sanctify" the gods, balance solemnity and drama, classicism and rebellion, and construct a sculptural female image in a post-modern context



  • The denim bikini lining and the three-dimensional carved jacket are fashionable and exquisite

Motorcycle suit


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Women's black leather jacket