MES PRIVE is a unisex and feminine elements and high fashion as the theme of the designers of women's clothing brands, focusing on creating a blend of contemporary East and West art of fashion and high fashion ready-to-wear, tailored for women belong to their individuality of the clothing, breakthrough in the traditional definition of women's clothing, focusing on the display of women's diverse personalities. We hope to create out-of-the-box, multicultural clothing. By studying the design concepts of men's clothing, we create neutralized women's clothing and show the neutralized aesthetics concept of contemporary women's "femininity". The brand shows and appreciates the contribution of contemporary women to the world through the use of high quality fabrics and craftsmanship.
This season's theme color "black" is a classic and unique color that has been considered a symbol of mystery, nobility and elegance since ancient times. In contemporary fashion, black is seen as a timeless fashion element, representing an unstoppable confidence and strength.

In conceiving the collection, MES PRIVE was also inspired by contemporary art and cinema. Inspired by the movie "My Fair Lady", the brand combines black and fine silks to create a style full of elegance and mystery.

Deconstructed Gray Set


  • MES PRIVE uses mall fabrics and a smart fit to change the stereotype of the "suit". It makes the suit avant-garde.

Sports Style


  • Sports style has always been the mainline series of SMFK.
    In 2023, a colorful sports series with S initial monogram was launched,
    adding the font design style of 90s cars, theaters, and other billboards, and the materials were mostly old polished, and washed.

Green Tie-Down Suit


  • MES PRIVE classic structuralism to let the visual escape, short waist design to add proportion to the body, interesting and wearable