Why ABYB existed: The original intention of the brand is very simple. In the jewelry and accessories category, the market share is occupied by foreign brands, Chinese accessory brands are rarely remembered, and it needs more people to stand up and twist into a solid rope. We want to use Chinese design and Chinese production to create a dream. We started on impulse, but we are loyal to our love and persistence—— Mengtian Guo. Co-founder of ABYB.
          ABYB stands for 'A by B', which means each accessory will be shown its style, characteristics, and even meaning by costumes who wear ABYB's earrings, necklaces, and other accessories from this brand. Accessories can not be separated from people and exist alone, but to allow consumers to master the accessories, and become the main character, so that the accessories become part of the consumer's overall outfit, become a footnote to express the attitude of life. Our definition of "everyday", is not ordinary or common, but to make consumers feel that accessories are an integral part, and then can become part of OOTD.
Series of ABYB

Better Me

Don't be bound by rules and regulations, return to your true nature and let yourself become a better me.
The simple square shape with sparkling rhinestones is simple and elegant, with a high price tag.
The whole set of jewelry exudes a dazzling light.
Just like the undefined self, growing up to become a better self.

Daily Love


Love is hand in hand with the sunset spilled on the shoulders, as plain as day.
The series of jewelry with the theme of love for the other half expresses the daily life of lovers accompanying each other, which is a memorial.

Rebecca‘s Designs


Rebecca buried her head in thought, waiting for the light to strike.
In a trance, it was like a beautiful high-light dream before her eyes, with different footsteps, shifting figures, and a floating space where heads were exchanged, and a fashion party was held in the office.
The butterflies are like unrestrained earthly spirits, leaping from the dream onto the paper, between the virtual and the real.
Rebecca finally woke up, and she sketched them comfortably and named them Rebecca's designs.