three quarters

THREE QUARTERS was founded in Paris, France in 2018. Three Quarters is a brand new interpretation of the new era of French fashion, which is a new era of women's desire to "tell themselves, show themselves and spoil themselves". The designers of Three Quarters adhere to the concept of "craftsmanship" and focus on each piece of clothing that can be touched by everyone.
Three Quarters is committed to creating a well-made, stylish and attitudinal women's clothing brand for women around the world. A new world, a world of sophistication, freedom, romance, individuality and vitality. Like THREE QUARTERS, not full and not overflowing, accepting the imperfect colors of the nature, but never ending in the pursuit of perfection.
THREE QUARTERS 23SS "Falling into the sea of flowers" series, this issue is inspired by the interpretation of color with flowers, the overall tone with pink + yellow + green + white to match, like a budding flower, multiple design forms flowing on the body, with the wind raised the skirt, let the summer filled with beautiful imagination

French Romantic Cake Dress


  • Let's go picnic in a soft floral halter dress! Multi-layered skirt design makes the whole more layered

Off Shoulder Light Green Dress


  • The beauty of early summer begins with the fairy dress

Sleeveless Halter Dress


  • The secretion of dopamine produces pleasure. Wear more colors in spring and summer, the mood will also become happy