Summer Brand Sugar Su

"Sweeten the Soul", founded in 2019, Sugar Su, just like its brand name, is committed to exploring the next more delicious "spiritual candy". The brand revolves around the three themes of "Dream, Transcendence, and Deconstruction". From a female perspective, it uses a unique decorative style to show the ever-changing romantic beauty of women and reveal the spiritual world of women.

In the 2024 Spring Summer , Sugar Su launched two series: the Butterfly Dream Series and the Thorn Series.


The Butterfly Dream Series is mostly Mary Jane, retro sandals, high heels and other shoe styles. The shoe body has very diverse decorative elements, such as bows, rhinestones, and horseshoe buckles.
The shoe body uses fabrics with dark patterns, which present different visual effects under different light and angles, and has a beautiful and shining visual effect like the name of this series.



The Thorn series has a simpler appearance, such as a single strap, square silver buckle and other basic designs, which are convenient for the wearer to walk, run and dance.
The main shoes include Roman sandals, slippers, loafers, sneakers and other practical shoes. At the same time, the leather material changes as little as possible, such as solid color and retro rubbing color, and the appearance is closely related to the function.

Regardless of the purpose, both series use high-quality cowhide outside and sheepskin inside, and the soles are mostly made of wear-resistant leather, which ensures the basic durability and comfort of the shoes.

Sugar Su's combination of all this dream and cuteness reminds people of the wonderful journey that the a brave quirky girl is about to embark on. When everything is ready, she is stopping in front of the shoe cabinet, thinking about which pair of shoes can accompany her journey.

Sugar Su uses a pair of carefully designed shoes as a spiritual step, lifting our bodies and carrying our souls to go anywhere.