Diana Vevina was founded in Monaco. Like this wealthy country, the brand permeates romance and sophistication, Italian simplicity and nobility.


Diana Vevina, a designer from a hereditary aristocratic family, takes the light luxury, elegance and exquisite palace elements of the European Middle Ages as her design inspiration to create intellectual, gentle and aesthetic clothing, endowing the brand with gorgeous blood and distinctive personality, and presenting it to the world Interpreting the top artistic conception of fashion art


From design, material selection to production, Diana Vevina has always maintained extraordinary fashion acumen, using extremely comfortable fabrics and traditional top-notch craftsmanship, allowing light luxury, elegance, delicacy, and romantic palace concepts to permeate every part of clothing


French Bow Shirt & Chanel Style Overalls


  • The romantic bow falls in front of my eyes
    The texture of silk is as silky as love
    hug yourself anytime
    Please yourself and your lover


    • Swaying dress
    • Ripples of romance
    • The ingenious combination of pearl buttons
    • Bring elegance and sophistication

White Suit Set


  • The simple and high-end white suit is soft and comfortable while modifying the figure, adding a charming romantic atmosphere. The combination of light blue and white is elegant and noble, and the exquisite tailoring creates a perfect arc, modifying the female figure without layering.