ELYWOOD AW23 Fall Winter


This season draws inspiration from the classic nostalgia of the 1990s, and takes the romantic and bizarre "1900's Theme" as the guide. By the closed and quiet window, in the interlacing of virtuality and reality, it leads the soul to coexist with the waves, and expresses the passion for beauty passionately. Longing and pursuit.


The compassion philosophy of red and black, the burning dark night, the rough coast. In a trance, I suddenly found that in this indifferent world, there was dancing and silence. The wanton flow of desire, the sense of being loyal to oneself, the chic and rebellious sexy innocence. 

The natural folds formed between the waves flow, the lapel collar superimposes the waist design, the three-dimensional velvet highlights the retro tone, the stacking of layers conveys a lazy mood, combines the straightforwardness and the classical court, and the low-saturation gray-black tone and The collision of hot and rich reddish-brown system combines elegance and casualness, endowing it with a sense of power from the inside out.


  • WU | WEI

    With a black pencil, draw a colorful stage pantomime


  • WU | WEI

    All white is stored in the light


  • WU | WEI

    I hide the red rose behind me, always looking forward to meeting you🌹