Furry Slipper Collection

Furryslippers have become an indispensable fashion item in recent years. Whether it's Miumiu's pearl plush slippers that set the internet on fire in 2017-2019, or Celine's furry slippers that exploded onto the scene last year. Plush slippers have become one of the indispensable fall and winter items for major fashion brands.


Why can't humans say no to furry things? It may be a subconscious behavior . People often find objects with sharp edges and silhouettes to be aggressive and a threat to their safety. Sleek, non-sharp, furry objects, on the other hand, are perceived as safe, non-aggressive, and pose no threat to one's safety. And human cover quilt, wear clothes, basically all furry, when people see the dead things, natural not reject but produce favorite feeling.

Furry Slipers from Mada

13De Marzo Logo furry Plush Slipper

13de marzo's classic bear and mops are a cute addition to any winter outfit. It can be worn with a long skirt, stockings, or pants, so it's not boring. The removable doll makes it easy to clean.

Compass Velvet Furry Slipper

SMFK Classic furry Slipper. Since the brand's inception, SMFK has released a variety of slippers, each of which has been a favorite. For Fall/Winter 2023, the classic furry slipper is back, and the brand is releasing a wheat-colored furry slipper. In winter, SMFK slippers bring you warmth and fashion at the same time, and the 5cm height increase makes the body proportion better.