13DE MARZO is a brand officially founded by Chinese designers Eric and Leslie in Paris, France in March 2018. The brand name in Spanish refers to March 13, the day the brand was founded, signifying joy and equality. The brand is committed to shaping a distinctive style and creating diverse clothing. Clothes attached to the bear, rabbits, and other removable small animal dolls have become the brand's signature design elements, with a high degree of recognition, rich in youthful energy. The visible and touchable plush material gives a sense of comfort and security, bringing a new and unique wearing experience.

Design Style

At first, the strategy of binding dolls to clothes was successful. 13DE MARZO began to expand on this strategy in more diverse ways, such as the location of dolls on clothes from the back to other places such as shoulders, sleeves, etc., to the dolls designed to light up, can hold small objects and other different functions, to the dolls dressed in different clothing, with personalized pins, hanging cards, star buttons, and other design details to enrich the color.


  • The small lapel design elongates the neckline. Chest plaid color blocking with three-dimensional bear and rabbit, full of college style design, let people wear more energetic.

13DE MARZO✖️Smiley


  • Get healing energy from smiles and play a purely pleasant overture. 13DE MARZO injects sunshine and vitality into the diversified and modern fashion attitude, opens the vision of fun, and wishes the happy atmosphere permeates every corner of life.



  • Through the wonderfully fun animated vision, the classic Sesame Street cartoon characters of Elmo, Big Bird, Sweetie Pie Monster, Oscar and other tasks with the exclusive 13DE MARZO brand logo. The combination of dolls overlap together to create a style of imagination boom. The fun silhouette contains dynamic tension, the inspiration mark to create a joyful rhythm