OGR - is an avant-garde footwear brand founded in 2018. The ambition of OGR is to create more "trendy artworks"; from niche to classic, the brand has always taken 3D technology as the core driving force to present its unique "three-dimensional aesthetics" cultural label. OGR will inherit and innovate on the basis of its predecessor brand, BANU, by applying cutting-edge technology and industrial design techniques to each product, striving to make each creation a masterpiece of excellence.
The three letters of the brand represent three major product lines as a way to meet the different needs of trendy consumers: the
"O" Original, representing the original classic product line;
"G" Glamour, the more playable conceptual pioneer product line; and
"R" Redefinition, representing the personalized remake product line, will be familiar tide play single product remake, re-given the "three-dimensional aesthetics" cultural label.

OGR "GAMER SPACE 1" Collection


  • Combining elegance and trendy denim apricot color
    Presenting a playful street style
    Innovative old flower denim and breathable mesh fabric are woven into the upper, perfectly presenting the retro aesthetics and injecting a strong sense of future industrial 3D mecha elements, intertwining and fusing, impacting the surreal pulsation and writing a new retro-futuristic fashion trend.

OGR Mecha Shoes

  • The simple color scheme carries a tough mecha look.
    It's a good match for all seasons.
    4.2cm sole height, the foot after the aura is just right.
    Cowhide upper with sports mesh lining, both inside and outside has material
    Every step of walking has a comfortable feeling as if walking on the clouds!

OGR "PIONEER" series


    The brand's DNA of "just having style" is implemented
    The cushioning function skeletonized outsole with richly layered streamlined dynamics
    Tough shape and comfortable support
    A pioneer spirit with an adventurous spirit, making shelter less abstract
    3D profile machine shell and cow leather fusion in the body of the shoe
    The future industrial and sporty feel of the shoe is rewoven to create a functional urban style.
    Just like the chaotic urban space, the energy of life shines through
    Leading the wearer to develop a new urban pioneer organism

OGR Square Derby Shoes

OGR deconstructs the classic Derby shoes and instills the spirit of mechs
The classic design gives a new and pioneering look
Geometric lines and a thick sole with patchwork sneaker material
Mechanical heel engraving fashion texture
Be a hardcore academy that is not defined!