Roaringwild was founded in 2010 by six college students. At the beginning of the project, the directors faced life with a roaring "roar" attitude, hoping that young people would dare to chase their dreams, not to live for a living, but to survive materially.


Roaringwild is not only a designer and a brand, but also a pioneer. All the ideas are expressed through clothing as a carrier, and the brand is constantly enriched to create the attitude of life belonging to Roaringwild.


The overall style leans towards Urbanstreet Style, the design style is close to the street elements, back to the original street taste


  • Blended wool with polyester and wool, fine wool surface. Super loose BAGGY silhouette with strong silhouette recognition

    Suitable for "short top and long bottom", "narrow top and wide bottom", and also suitable for matching with weighty shoes.

Shrug Blazer


  • Using the cutaway structure, inspired by the form of architectural monument towers, the shoulder is designed with a round tower structure, slightly upward, combined with small shoulder pads, the shoulder has a strong sense of three-dimensional and recognizable. The overall direction is unixes.

Pleated LS Shirt


  • Cotton fabrics with subtle texture on the surface are chosen to give the garment a richer texture. Pleated pants or pleated skirts are a good match.