MADA IN CHINA 是一个于香港成立的设计师品牌网络买手店。 以引进全球高端设计师为主,同时扶持新兴中国设计师品牌的平台。 并以提升中国设计师品牌价值为宗旨,打造全新“中国制造”。我们的服饰都由我们的买手在时装周与品牌订货,或者来自官方Showroom等。我们的官方的渠道为您能保证产品的绝对正品。
MADA IN CHINA is designated to offer customers unique shopping experience through online boutique. MADA IN CHINA buying team provide various pieces and outfits from young, inspiring, enthusiastic designers and brands all around World. Moreover, MADA IN CHINA purposed promote Chinese designers which outfits are influenced with an China twist, still subtle and urban. Most of our items are ordered directly from Fashion Week (e.g. ShangHai Fashion Week) and official showrooms.